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Introduction to experience stores solution

The smart retail waves not only impact greatly on the traditional retailers, which changes the market structure of the whole retail industry, but also impact greatly on the E-commerce platforms that keep on innovating retail modes. This exposes the disadvantage of E-commerce industry of creating inadequate customer experience. The solution of experience stores in smart retail industry becomes the second innovation direction for E-commerce enterprises’, and also provides a new way of marketing and customer experience for some brand manufacturers.
The new experience store not only focuses on the experience and display of products, as well as recording, analyzing and data application of user purchase behavior, but also provides all the functions of unmanned retail stores, which is the new direction of the development of experience store. Ruizhang Technology’s experience stores solution adds plenty of software and hardware subsystems to improve customer experience based on unmanned stores, such as smart fitting rooms, users interaction terminals, smart gateways(convenient for customers to share with families and friends at a long distance), smart shopping guide systems and others to help merchants maximize user experience and achieve purchase behavior. Smart experience stores not only improve consumer experience, but also act as an intangible data collection center for product listing trial, consumer preferences and others. Combined with Ruizhang Technology’s big data services, the smart experience stores can provide massive data analysis and accurate data results for E-commerce enterprises or manufacturers.

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Ruizhang Technology’s unmanned experience stores are based on the integrated application of RFID technology, infrared sensor technology, video surveillance, cloud computing, virtual reality technology, big data analysis, remote video(webcast) and others. The solution centers on the optimization and innovation of the service experience including the self-service, inter-connection, interaction beyond time and space and diversified choices. It connects the intangible merchants with the tangible consumers, which not only reduces the investment on large number of sales people in the traditional experience stores, but also enables users to carry out the consumption experience independently. The solution transforms the traditional experience store, information interaction, shopping, marketing, checkout and damage prevention. It even provides excellent technical support for the traditional operations such as goods tally, inventory control. While creating a distinctive product experience for consumers it is possible to realize a low-cost model of the promotion of the experience stores for the E-commerce enterprises or brands under the general trend of continuous rigid growth in labor costs.

For e-commerce enterprises, the combination of the online service and offline experience can not only exert the advantage of the online mode, such as online platform’s member management, associated product guidance, promotion methods facilitation, multi- SKU operation, but also provides better on-site experience over the traditional department stores and supermarkets on the basis of avoiding high operational costThis is the ultimate advantage of unmanned experience stores. Based on customer experience behavior, the unmanned experience store can provide information about the relevant products (such as clothing accessories, perfume and jewelry) through big data analysis, and get more favorable purchase guide packages to expand sales and promte more SKU through the user’s online memberhsip. The unmanned store also supports customers to share their experience and behavior in real time with relatives, friends or online communities, which can expand the promotion  of products and experience stores/brands and gain better promotion benefits.

The integration of multiple mature Internet and IoT technologies makes all aspects of the experience store management including customer identification and services, purchase behavior guide, user experience sharing, product shopping guide, purchase behavior analysis, product life cycle management, store user behavior monitoring , checkout and settlement, product SKU management, store flow intelligence control, stocktaking and replenishment management etc. It gives customers more freedom, and ultimately promotes consumer behavior. The cost reduction of a large number of terminal services staff can be reinvested to three areas, the forefront of product management (product packaging), experience data analysis and application, and the rearmost end (product tally). In this way, it is possible for E-commerce enterprises and brand owners  to make promotion and operation of store chains with low cost and high efficiency   .
The entire RFID unmanned store system is composed of the following components:
1.RFID IoT system
2.Cloud-based data exchange platform
3.Unmanned store cloud platform
4.RFID middleware
5.RFID smart tags
6.RFID hardware
1)Product smart tags management system equipment
2)Unmanned cashier system equipment
3)RFID Store purchasing behavior monitoring equipment
4)Smart shelf system equipment
5)Consumer identity RFID identification device
6)Smart safety detection system equipment
7.Other IoT hardware
1)Self-service electronic scale equipment
2)Infrared sensor system equipment
3)Video surveillance and smart recognition system equipment
4)Electronic door system equipment
5)Electronic audio system

6)Smart gateway/gatekeeper system equipment

Use Case

    The unmanned store of an E-commerce platform

    Project description:
    This E-commerce platform is the top B2C platform in China. The business  covers almost all categories of everyday life products. However it was increasingly limited by the bottleneck of non-intuitive consumer experience in the process of development. It was difficult to obtain good cooperation and recognition especially when cooperating with renowned brand promotion. Besides, a few consumers lack of trust in e-commerce platform, which leads to high marketing cost. In order to consolidate its leading position in the E-commerce industry and achieve continuous innovation of technology and mode, the e-commerce platform actively carries out research and development of the experience store model. With the powerful strength of comprehensive application of IoT technology, combined with the successful case of unmanned store product, Ruizhang Technology and e-commerce platform  cooperatively accomplished the construction and operation of the unmanned experience store for high value products, and promoted the business model to national wide based on the accumulated operation data.

    Ruizhang solution highlights:

    With the accumulation on RFID technology and products, as well as rich integration capability of IoT related technology, Ruizhang Technology cooperated with this E-commerce platform to quickly set up a pilot experience store and achieve operational stability. In view of the innovation requirements of experience store for technology and means, Ruizhang Technology introduced a large number of new high-tech technologies and products in terms of customer experience, so that customers can break spatial limitations. Meanwhile, it helps customers gain a full range of experience with the assistance of physical experience, empathetic imagination of shopping, temporary community discussion and intelligent expert evaluation.Both sides avoid the relatively limited and solid consumer experience in the traditional experience store, via a reasonable business scenario design and process planning. The operational data of the pilot unmanned experience store proves the feasibility and reliability of Ruizhang Technology’s solution greatly, and verifies the rationale and benefits of experience store business model. The solution helped the E-commerce platform overcome the weakness on human resources, knowledge shortages and deficiencies in the offline business model and offline operations manpower, and effectively achieve construction targets.

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