Smart safety and security

Three - dimensional social security prevention and control program overview

Three-dimensional social security and prevention system has broken through the limitation of traditional regions and departments. It is necessary to strengthen the sharing and in-depth application of information resources, improve the linkage mechanism between departments and regional cooperation mechanisms, advocate the usage of big data, cloud platform, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 3S and other advanced technology as soon as possible, strengthen public order prevention, control situation awareness of security control and combat command and application, and promote grid management and governance process, and achieve the fundamental transformation from passive control to active grid services .

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Ruizhang solution:

1. The private network  4G multimedia dispatching system, can be independently constructed, deployed and used. The system combines  the characteristics of group dispatching and command of preset grouping,  and the advantages of high quality voice communication of 4G public network. At the same time, private network 4G can provide exclusive wireless transmission channel,providing  multimedia information distribution and scheduling such as voice, video and image a developed by the terminal based on Android system. Besides, the function of 4G terminal GPS / Beidou can be utilized to provide a map-based object selection and scheduling capabilities, so as to achieve a point-to-point vertical or emergency personnel scheduling. It can be integrated seamlessly with the existing digital cluster and the public security police platform 110 to provide more extensive space and possibilities for daily patrolling and police dispatch in public security departments. It also provides a safer and more reliable protection for mass incidents and major events. 

2. Construct various types of video surveillance and related access, storage, application, and maintenance platform platform and system; build an intelligent operation and maintenance management platform that fully guarantees the status and performance of the system; build a social video access platform to include more extensive social video resources into the security system; build “village to village” video surveillance platform extended to rural areas; build an intelligent combat platform for video images and provide more efficient and effective video applications for video retrieval, comparison and prediction and early warning, to achieve strong police in science and technology, to enhance the combat effectiveness of public security police personnel, and to reduce the pressure on public security officials; Strengthen the video detection management of key personnel, including the dynamic portrait access system and person-in-one comparison.

3. Construct the cloud platform of public security, information and data for public order  prevention and control are sorted out and regulated. According to the requirements of grid management, public order information of key units, key places, public security hot spots and difficult spots is preferentially collected, laying the foundation for grid-based management.

4. Build three-dimensional Geographic Information System (GIS), giving priority to the three-dimensional modeling of key sites and important facilities, and bring all kinds of spatial positioning information into the three-dimensional geographic information system management and application collected by security cloud platform.

Use Case

    4G multimedia scheduling system project for Shandong private network

    Project overview:

    Construct and complete the deployment of 4G private network multimedia scheduling system

    Project challenges:

    The deployment location of 4G base station and the construction location of private network transmission line are in the plain area, thus, it is necessary to find suitable high ground to provide private network 4G signal coverage as good as possible and protect the signal coverage of all places as far as possible;

    4G base stations have limited coverage in urban areas, thus, need to be preferentially deployed to key areas to gradually complete the coverage of target areas.

    Solution highlights:

    The private network 4G wireless access CPE has been deployed to critical locations, providing   fast access to video and images when needed.
    The special network 4G terminal has the positioning function, which can realize the close dispatch of police force.
    The monitoring camera is deployed on the police car, and a special network 4G is provided to realize the real-time transmission of the road of command center.The private network 4G terminal has a positioning function, which can realize the dispatch of police force nearby.
    The surveillance cameras are deployed in the police car, providing private network 4G real-time transmission of command center pavement.

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