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Introduction to smart library solution

Using RFID, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other information technology, through the construction of intelligent cloud-based library system, Ruizhang smart library solution builds interoperability of business application and library management platform. It effectively collects book catalogue information, circulation information, reader information and other data resources to  optimize the reengineering of the library business and management process, realize the real-time dynamic monitoring of the book business, management in all direction and information coverage. The solution can also innovate service model of the library, improve service level of the library and get rid of the constraints of human resources, premises and service time restriction. It achieves any time, any location. Any terminal can quickly respond to the needs of readers to promote intelligent library management, service efficiency and application of uniquitination. At the same time, through big data analysis of system resources, this solution provides book information services and personalized services to  improve the service efficiency of libararies and enhance the readers’ satisfaction.

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Based on RFID smart library products, a library “self-service supermarket” mode is formed to realize book self-service. The solution seamlessly integrates with library management system to realize the interoperability and real-time data exchange of library resources by RFID system equipment. By this means, books can be borrowed, checked and renewed more conveniently and quickly, which forms the unattended student self-service mode for book services.

Based on the cloud library mobile application service platform, a “retail store” mode of library will be formed to realize the condition that “I am in charge of my book”. The platform will provide students the book purchasing service, let them open their book list to choose books, and enhance their book purchasing and choosing rights, so as to meet their individualized and diversified reading needs.

Based on the miniature (ubiquitous) library system equipment, a “retail store” model of library has been formed to realize the literal campus and literal China. Through the miniature (ubiquitous) library system and equipment, we will create a reading material carrier and a diversified reading culture through the use of public corridors, classrooms and urban blocks in schools. We will provide a 24-hour self-service book service to improve readers' reading interest and the circulation rate of books. The formation of pass-through service model will promote construction of literal campus and literal China. 

Use Case

    Unified service platform for Internet of books  in an experimental school at shanghai

    Project description:

    To respond actively to the relevant policies and requirements from the nation and Shanghai Municipality on the construction and application of primary and secondary school libraries and give full play to the basic supporting role of information management of primary and secondary school libraries, the unified service platform of smart library and internet of books will be built by integrating the development of Internet of things, by means of RFID intelligent equipment and based on the cloud computing and big data technologies, so as to achieve book interview, cataloging, borrowing, returning, querying statistics , and standardization managemtn and servides. It provides relevant departments with real-time data query and statistical analysis.

    Ruizhang solution highlights:

    Each book is affixed with an RFID tag for identification, which also correlates the  book and reader’s information, so as to achieve self-borrowing, self-returning, anti-theft detection, quick inventory, easy to find and other functions. It simplifies the procedures, for borrowing and returning books, shortens the circulation cycle of books, increases the book-borrowing rate, and makes book borrowing convenient, fast and orderly managed.

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