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  • Adopt RFID technology to transform logistics system for world-leading E-commerce company

    RFID tags allow long distance item identification enabling products and packages to be quickly classified, sorted and delivered facilitating greater efficiency and accuracy of competing technologies.

  • Ushering in a new era of the book publishing industry

    RFID promises to become the primary technology that connects suppliers and consumers within the supply chain shifting the industry from “distributor package back” to drive publishing industry standards.

  • Light-off factory of semiconductor packaging company

    RFID achieves enables process management,using automated data acquisition and tracking big data analysis.

  • Innovative cultural, medical and public service applications.

    Adopt RFID + Sensorsensing smartintelligent storage technology, combined with the development of series of smart mobile systems and big data service platform; provide in-depth applicationdevelopment in the public services area.

  • Three-dimensional social security control system & solutions

    Achieve a comprehensive social video access, monitoring and management of intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent image recognition, dynamic facialportrait recognition, visualized multimedia integration of command and control; effectively enhance the ability of hazard prevention and management.

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